This job took me one hour and 15 minutes to complete. The owner, Mike, wanted me to replace his old Vac-U-Flow with his more modern Beam Built-in. A slight complication to the job, is that his house is piped with the older 1 ¾ inch diameter vac pipe, so notice the conversion fitting in the right-side picture (After) which I have indicated with a light blue circle. Also notice that the new piping (After) doesn’t include an “exhaust out” run, as the Beam Vacuum does not require it. The old Vac-U-Flow Built-in  system (Before), of which there are great many still running in Victoria from the 1970’ies, absolutely must have an exhaust run from the machine to the outside of the home. The 100% exhausting is essential due to the inherent cyclonic air-flow design (which does not use a traditional filter media), consequently any air-born fine dust simply passes through the internal metal screen and is blown right out the motor exhaust horn.
Since the body of the Vac-U-Flow unit was a few inches narrower, the original intake pipe configuration was taking up lateral space and I had only one vertical 2 x 4 wall stud to hang the Beam on, the old wooden hose-hanger assembly had to go. In addition, the local intake pipe (drop-down pipe run: Before image) was not required as the Beam has an intake valve and a manual off/on switch installed on the body.