This Dyson DC07 had never had it’s pre-filter cleaned in the 3 or 4 years the customer used it. Also,the inside the upper part of dust container (yellow) was caked with fine dirt: it’s job is provide dust-to-air separation before the air leaves the dust container. After the air leaves the upper (yellow) separator, on top of dust bucket, the dusty air is cleaned by the pre-filter, then it passes through the motor and then the vacuum motor pushes the cleaner air through the HEPA filter and finally (nice and clean) out of the vacuum. All these parts need to be washed out with hot soapy water. The Dyson vacuums have nice wheel structure, so easy to oil and to keep it moving smoothly (easier to push).  I replaced the hose and the brush roll on this vacuum after cleaning all the parts and oiling where necessary. The drive belt and clutch were still in good condition. The brush roll was not completely worn, but after several years use, the brush tips become rounded and you don’t get that first-time lint pick-up that is so nice with a new vacuum, thus the vacuum cleans like new after I’m done with it.

                                     Dyson DC07 prefilter – clean every six months.


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