This job took me about 3 hours. My client wanted her Electrolux Built-in connected and working with the existing piping in her house. As it was when I arrived, it was nicely hung in place (image to the left), so that saved me some work and time. I worked in the attic first to bring the piping into the space through the ceiling above a water tank in the enclosed area. A new 2⅛” hole was needed to be drilled through the ceiling as the original (blue circle) was ill-placed due to a prior installation of new cabinet structures (right side in image). As you can see in the image of the attic work (below left), the blue circle highlights the original 2″ opening and the pipe is now re-fitted and in place with the new opening. The insulation was all put back in place when I finished working in the attic, plus I sealed the original opening with a fastened piece of wood (not seen).
Regarding the piping in the enclosed finished area, I had to work on my knees atop the hot water heater to cut, fit and glue the new pipe to completion. Notice the branch run to a local outlet to the left (right side image below), this was included as my client wanted local access in order to use the vacuum in her laundry room.