Vacuum pipe rough-in on West Coast Road:
I received a call on a Saturday afternoon from Ron of R.S. Scott Contracting Ltd. to rough-in a new small 2-storey  house on West Coast Road. I arrived on Monday morning on the job site at 9:00 am to start and hopefully finish the job by late afternoon.

The image to the left is the scott.vac-piping-1apreparation of the main line run downward from the top floor outlet. Notice that I am not drilling on center but at the bottom plate edge. This was calculated to avoid drilling into a floor joist just under the floor. You will see in another image how I protected this pipe from being damaged by dry wall screws with a steel guard-plate (bottom left).

This next image (bottom right) is that of the main floor outlet in the wall at the bottom of the stairs. This is the back view, here I am drilling the 2 -1/8 ” opening through the bottom wall plate for the main line running down from the ceiling that separates the  two floors. There also was a third outlet installed: a full VacPan point (not shown).








I finished the job by about 4:30 in the afternoon. Here is what Ron had to say about my work:  “June 24th, 2013 – “To whom it may concern,  I found Chris online while looking for vacuum rough in. He seemed very knowledgeable on the subject (over the phone). We agreed on a price, he showed up on time. His work is excellent as a fellow tradesmen I can appreciate his attention to detail, and clean up. Very satisfied.

Rob Scott – Sooke BC