The Vacuum business came to me in 1976 when I began selling Electrolux door-to-door in Sidney, B.C. Then, I worked from the Langford branch from 1977 to 1978. In April 1982 I achieved 2nd in Canada for top sales at 70 units. I was a trainer for new dealers for several years. I continued working at the Douglas Street Electrolux location until March 1988, at that time, I relocated to Vancouver and sold vacuums from Vancouver West Side to Abbotsford until 1992. I left Electrolux while still in Vancouver to work on my own repairing all makes of vacuums until 1994. In the summer of 1994 I finally moved back (home) to Victoria to restart again and form ‘VacStore to your Door’. In 1995, I started with my first “Yellow Page” ad  (B.C. Telephone book). I re-canvassed the Greater Victoria area until 2003, which by this time I had increased my ad to quarter-page in size. However, in 2012 I downsized the ad, built this website and finally left the telephone book yellow pages by 2013.
Repairs I have successfully completed include 20 years of almost every kind of vacuum one can name. Originally you had: Compacts/Tristars,  Electrolux, Hoover, Eureka, Filter Queens, Kenmore, Kirby, Oreck, Panasonic, Rexair (Rainbow), Royal and a hand full of very old vacuums you don’t see around much any more. Then, in the years proceeding, you had the all plastic uprights and cannister vacuums such as: Bissell, Dirt Devil, Samsung, Sanyo and Sharp, showing up on the scene with the big boys Eureka and Hoover producing low priced all plastics as well. At the same time, the European vacuums like Lindhaus, Miele and Sebo were becoming more popular here in Western Canada as well. I cannot list all the brands I have repaired, as there are many others. Interesting to note that the Dyson vacuum is now very popular (2017), so I am one of the few in the Victoria area who can complete full repairs on that brand.
It was in 1999 I started repairing Built-ins or Centrals. It was shortly after that about 2002 I started doing vacuum pipe repairs on site in homes, which lead to full-on vacuum pipe installations in 2003.
Today I turn my hand to any possible repair, rebuild or replacement for any brand of built-in Vacuum including the vacuum piping system be it unclogging, repair or replacement. Some of the major brands I have repaired over the last 20 years in alphabetical order are:
AirStream, AstroVac, Beam, Black and Decker, Bissell, Broan, Brute, Cana-Vac, Centralux, Compact, Cyclo-Vac, Daewoo, Dirt Devil, DrainVac, DuoVac, DynoVac, Dyson, Easy-flo Central Vacuums, Electrolux, Eio, Eureka, Fantom, Filtex, Filter Queen, Gibli, Hayden, Hitachi, Hoover, Husky, Kenmore, Koblenz, Kirby, Lindhaus, Miele, Miracle Maid, Modern Day, NuTone, Oreck, Panasonic, Pullman, Rainbow, Readivac, Riccar, Royal, Samsung, Sanyo, Sebo, Shark, Silent Master, Simplicity, Singer, Smart, System, TriStar, Vac-u-flow, Vacu-Maid.
Thank you for reading.