Small but powerful - SQ9025


The SQ9025 has an upgraded motor from a previous series to 604 air watts and 139 water lift with an 11 inch diameter body. This machine has a similar application as the SQ9010, with it’s quiet operation and small size it fits well with a small home with an average amount of people traffic. A drop-down bucket for quick emptying. As for all built-ins with a drop-down bucket (99% of every brand) the unit is best hung in a garage or a basement away from a living  space. The SQ9025 has a 3 gallon capacity with a very heavy cloth filter. With the upgrade to 139 water lift specification,  the SQ9025 achieves the big-time power but with a small size. Please use the “Contact us” link or phone me (250-472-3325) for individual pricing.